///ATS Update, June 2017

ATS Update, June 2017

Regular ATS days are taking a bit of an unexpected break, over the next few months, given the heavy BCRA shooting schedule through the months of May / June, and a construction industry that just refuses to slow down.

The third ‘official’ CQB shoot of the season will be held this Saturday, 10 June. The CQB Mid-Range Match out at General Vokes Range over the May long weekend was an absolute hoot to shoot, with an excellent turn out, and great practice on movers, from 100m back to 300m. The ‘ol VZ 58 managed to hold its own, in the pack O’ AR’s. The odd M305/ M14 turned in a good performance, as well.

This month’s June ATS day is cancelled, as the director is either shooting the BCRA Precision Rifle Match that weekend, or working…..he’s hopin’ for the shooting routine. The next regular ATS day will be in July, workload permitting.

ATS is looking to host a couple of weekend courses in the end of Sept / Oct timeline, from Veritac Solutions; one being a multi weapon operations – combined carbine/pistol course, and the other a dismounted and small teams tactics course– working around vehicles, and small team operations (the multi weapons course, or equivalent, being a prerequisite). A four hour medical component will probably round out one of the two to two and a half day course offerings. Dates TBD.

Claude Murdoch
Director – Abbotsford Tactical Shooters

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