We have been noticing that some archery members are turning over the open sign for the 3D trail, thinking that it is the open sign for the archery range. Archers if you happen to notice this please have a word with the member and let them know what the sign is about.

From Oct 1 to 28 there were 258 guest passes purchased.

Remember if someone approaches you to let them into the range. DO NOT swipe them in. If they do not have a swipe card, they are not allowed entry. Letting someone in is a very serious offence and you could lose your membership.

We are down one blue cart, due to over filling and dropping stuff in instead of placing it in. The front axle is broken. We are trying to find a replacement. It could take a bit.

The irrigation system has been winterized.

The low visibility area on Range 2 operational.

Please watch the web site for closures as we hope to get the new doors operational.

We hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween!

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner