The President of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club’s Quarterly Reports on the status of the club.

President’s Report February 2022

The bridge is open and we have been able to bring in equipment to truly start the work at the club. We do ask that members not attend the range until it is reopened, this includes just pulling into the parking lot and looking around. AFGC is an active construction site, complete with hazardous materials [...]

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President’s Report January 2022

Winter continues to play havoc with us, more rain brings more flooding, hopefully we won’t see any drastic levels hit our club again, and once we have power restored to our pumps, they should be able to keep up with normal water levels. A bit of good news, the bridge should be open soon, [...]

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President’s Report December 2021

Mother nature is sure intent on messing with us. As previously noted the club was submerged by the flood waters that came down the Sumas River and our own mountain. Then, the dike burst and all that water flooding us evacuated onto the Prairies south of us, taking the bridge at McDermott where it [...]

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President’s Report November 4, 2021

The club has been running great and small improvements are still being done by our awesome caretakers. New painting, new doors and other projects they’ve been working on have been completed and the club looks great, as always.  We are still getting a surprising number of complaints from members about very basic safety violations [...]

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President’s Report September 2021

Things at the club are running great, but wouldn’t you know it, the Liberals called an election. To say that this election is one of the most important in Canadian history would be an understatement. We have a party that is now calling for the seizure of unused or underused land and homes, something [...]

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President’s Report August 5th, 2021

Summer heat is still continuing, please, please make sure to use the cigarette containers for your cigarette disposal. We are finding far too many on the ground, which is a severe fire hazard for the club and the surroundings. Should you spot a fire on the property we have fire extinguishers on every range [...]

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President’s Report July 2021

That was a hot week last week!!!! Let’s hope that we don’t see anything like that again this summer.  As many have already noticed we are back to normal operating procedures now, with all the tape removed and masks not being needed on the outdoor and only recommended on the indoor. We do ask [...]

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President’s Report June 3, 2021

Welcome to the heat! 39 degrees at the range the other day, that’s warm! Ranges are getting busier, please remember we are still operating off of the time windows of 8-10, 10-12, 12-2 etc on weekdays and starting at 10am on weekends. Until the PHO allows for us to restore all the shooting benches we [...]

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President’s Report May 2021

We had our AGM! Massive thanks to Geoff Fraser for doing all the hard work on setting up Zoom to handle it. It ran without a hitch, which amazed me and many who attended. We hammered through the agenda with ease and passed our bylaw update, our budget and of course voted in new [...]

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2021 AGM Results and Update

Thank you to all who attended our 2021 Virtual AGM! AFGC's first Virtual AGM was a resounding success and we received a lot of positive feedback about how smoothly the process went, from the visual presentation to the online Q&A and live online voting. Thank you to the volunteer organizers who put this together! We [...]

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