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The President of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club’s Quarterly Reports on the status of the club.

President’s Report August 2019

The summer is in full swing now it seems, with some really nice hot days, if you find yourself needing water at the club, feel free to get it from the hose bibs near each range, just remember to hook this back up if you have to disconnect anything. We have a new system [...]

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President’s Report July 2019

We’ve had a pretty decent summer up to this point, no ridiculous heat waves yet. However, if we do, the water bibs along the garden as well as the water inside the clubhouse is potable water and is safe to drink, I have had many questions on that recently.  Range 2B is coming along [...]

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2019 AGM Results and Update

Thank you for all who came out to the AGM on Thursday evening! It was great to see some new faces and long time members attending. Below are some of the highlights from the night. The following members were elected into new positions: President: Rob Engh Vice-President: Ray Boulton Secretary: Emily Duquette The rest of [...]

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President’s Report 2019

We've had a busy month at AFGC.  As you can see range 2B is complete. What an amazing job!  I would like to personally say thank you to Dan and Audrey for leading up this project and to all the supported this endeavor. I am so extremely excited with this completion. This means we as [...]

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February 2019 Presidents Report 

It has been business as usual at AFGC. We are preparing for our upcoming AGM in March. This is the time we come together and plan out our new year. There are a few positions becoming vacant of our Executive board. If you or a member in good standing with minimum 5 years in as [...]

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January 2019 Presidents Report

Happy 2019 AFGC! 2018 was an amazing year for AFGC. We completed a few more projects. Our facility has never looked so good. One of our largest projects was our new restroom facilities on range 4. This has been a long over due necessity. Already the outpouring of compliments have started. Members are already asking [...]

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President’s Report November 2018

As you can see it’s been very busy around the club. All of our renos are falling into place. Thank you Dan and Audrey for seeing these projects through.  November 3rd marks our fall time change. Archers at AFGC please note that the 3D trails will be closed on Wednesday afternoons & evenings. Archery Sundays [...]

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Range Rules Update

Attn Members, Please note there has been an update to the Range Rules in regards to alcohol and drug use for clarification due to the legalization of recreational marijuana. The Rule currently reads: Section H, Part 4: Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on all ranges without prior authorization. Persons whose behavior exhibits the influence of [...]

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Notice of Special Meeting – September 27, 7:30pm

Notice of Special General Meeting, September 27th, 2018 at 7:30 PMIn accordance of our constitution and bylaws, any items not presented and approved at the last AGM, requires that a General Special Meeting be called to seek approval of the membership.The AFGC Board of Directors would like to call a Special Meeting to review a proposal [...]

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August 2018 President’s Report

I hope everyone is having a great summer! As you can see there has been some housekeeping done around the club grounds. First a foremost, thank you Geoff Fraser for your amazing artwork/design for our welcoming rocks and to Dan and Audrey for seeing the project through. I have been receiving a lot of compliments [...]

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President’s Report June 2018

To all our new members, welcome! Let this also be a reminder to get plugged into a Sub Club. This will allow you to get involved with the club and meet new members. If you can try out our entire sub club line up. Each sub club meets weekly. Never know you may discover a [...]

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 Presidents Report May 2018 

April was a pretty quiet month club business wise. A lot of house cleaning was done. The club grounds look amazing! Please be mindful while using the range. Please do your part and clean up after yourself. I had the opportunity to visit three different ranges in April. I am proud to say no range [...]

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