LOCAL RIVERS (non-tidal)

Non-Tidal – Fraser River is low and Gin clear! Watch for ice debris! Steelhead being hooked above and including the mouth of the Vedder. Float fishing as well as bar rigging have proven successful. Best baits are Roe and Krill sacks tipped on a swim jig or dark corkies dressed with ‘flash’ – medium sized spin glows while bar fishing are an old mainstay.

Tidal portion of the Fraser: tough fishing right now as the ice flows are large and plentiful! Those toughing it out are being rewarded with big dolly’s and the occasional Sturgeon.

Vedder/Chilliwack: Angling has picked up considerably since the melt! Warmer days and water have not blown out the river! It is perfect right now, Steelhead are concentrated from Way’s Field to Lickman as the early fish have scooted through. Keep your baits small, plan your fishing around Apogee and Perogee using real bait such as roe/shrimp/krill and Mr Mikes scents on wool. The egg and eye patterns are working for many. Stay small and deep!

Chehalis: River level is back up now. New fish moving in each tide change Add 4 hrs to Point Atkinson tides. Best baits are Roe/Shrimp/Single Egg. Again “small” is the key  – corkies/spinners/pink worms/Mr. Twisters – for you hardware guys! 1 Hatchery Steelhead/day. Single barbless


Tunkwa; Logan; Sheraton; Kentucky; Bluey; Ailyene; Horse; all reporting good fishing now. Be mindful of ‘ice-conditions’ and regulations. Best baits are Krill/Maggotts/ Single eggs, accompanied hot rum!!


Local lakes are done until spring thaw or freshet.

Chair:Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: Brian McCarthy; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina