Fraser River: – (non-tidal) Since the cold snap the river has cleared up and the debris flow has decreased. This has resulted in the sturgeon fishing becoming worthwhile again! Catch and release only! Not many Steelhead kills reported in February, a total of 8 releases, that I know of, above Island 22.

– (tidal) dead slow! Pike minnow and Char at Steveston.

Vedder/Chilliwack: Has picked up considerably since the water level has dropped. Chris Whurer got 1 wild doe and 1 12lb hatchery doe. Both fish hooked on live bugs (ghost shrimp)! Fish are now throughout the system and starting to darken. Limit – 1 hatchery/day.

Chehalis: Low and Clear! Has been very spotty due to the cold so ‘stay small’. 1 hatchery/day.

Harrison: No information to date!

Cultus Lake: giving up cutthroat and bull trout…..use bait!

Local Lakes: Sasquatch Park Lakes now have goat access and the trails are clear. Trout, Hicks and Deer best bet, use single eggs; roe; krill and shrimp.


Ice fishing has really taken off now! Best baits are : single salmon eggs; worms; mealworms on a jig; deli shrimp and of course krill.

Chair: Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: Dylan Francis; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina