///Fishing Report November 2017

Fishing Report November 2017

Local Rivers 

Fraser River: Sturgeon Fishing is at a high right now! Use salmon parts for best results; chum hearts and gills, chum roe and belly with tail attached is a good favourite. Still some Chinook around but getting dark. Coho still showing up, use roe and krill or spinners tipped with scent! Chum are petering out!

Harrison: still producing lots of Chum, (big)!  caught a bigdog on Oct 30th. Released him! Saw 4 hatchery Coho killed at the mouth on the 31st. Chinook have moved up to the Chehalis.

Chehalis: Still producing well! The Northern Coho should show up any time now! Use roe and shrimp.

ALL retention limits apply as well as single barbless hooks.


Local Lakes

Still giving up Rainbows and Cutthroat trout.

On Jones, Deer and Hicks trout weaver are still good afternoon bets.

Cultus Lake producing Bulltrout and Cutthroat.

Interior Lakes

Winter is approaching “but” the mid and high elevation waters are still producing. Use leeches; shrimp; bloodworms.

Lower Lakes are still a good bet for end of season angling, bait is still best!

Loren Sherbina – Chair
Brian McCarthy – Co-Chair
Elaine Ridout – Co-Chair
Dylan Francis – Co-Chair

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