The FVRRC is happy to announce that we will begin our bi-weekly range days once again starting on April 18th. It has been a long break for all of us and we are very excited to be back on range. Following our first shoot is exam week and will of course not hold any events for us. Good luck to all students with exams and keep in mind that we have three range events planned for the month of may. May 2nd, 23rd, and 30th.

As a side note, to those attending events. Please ensure that you respond to the Facebook event posting to add yourself to the list for an event. In order to attend events, I need information from attendees to ensure the safety of everyone. If you show up and I do not have this information, you will be not be able to attend the event. When you add yourself to the list I check that everything is in order.

Thank you.
Morgan Jensen