///FYI June 05/17; Diligentia and more

FYI June 05/17; Diligentia and more

Hi all,

Look what I found:

Enjoy and share with others.

And while you are at it, look at this and share it too: https://interactivepdf.uniflip.com/2/45583/1082984/pub/html5.html

Still room in Nanaimo and Provincials. Victoria just came up, get registered. Poco s/b up soon and that wraps up activity in 2017 except for steel and maybe a club match or so. Got your plans for 2018? 😉

Things are starting to happen wham/bam. Kamloops this weekend, Nanaimo next and then Provincials. Be sure to register early to save some $.

I have ended a series of back to back TC and nothing now until July 29/30. It used to be that we had some time of distinct seasons but now they seem to flow together. Not a bad thing, just an observation.

The AGM notice is up. If you live in the area, be there, Sat July 01.17. I know, terrible choice of a date on Canada’s 150th Birthday 🙁 It is your responsibility as a member to have your voice heard by the BoD and other members. You may be the voice that gives positive direction to IPSC BC in the future. You may not be in the match but you can be at the AGM. There may even be some incentive for you to participate 🙂

See you at the matches or on the ranges.


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