This past weekend, Saturday Feb.9th, we held our 35th Annual Game Dinner & Dance at the clubhouse and it was a great success! Nearly 200 people came out to the event which meant we were basically SOLD OUT. This year’s theme was Hawaiian and thank to many of the attendees for dressing up. There were prizes given out to the best costume for both male and female but really everyone deserved an honourable mention. The Kitt Krew in particular put on quite the show with their costumes this year. The food, prepared by our wonderful Chef and Caretaker Linda and her crew, was excellent as always and everyone was pleased to see enough of the favourite “teriyaki bear” to go around. Another dish that was raved about was the “honey garlic elk” a new dish that definitely needs to be on the menu for next year. We also had the pigman BBQ up a whole pig which was well suited to the theme of the party.

Special thanks to Shalane & Chris Talkes for organizing the decorations, Steve & Lori Bailey and Michaella Porter for doing the bar service, Hardy Staub for organizing the parking crew (feedback was it was the best event parking they had experienced), Ron and Penny Meyers for DJ (special thanks to Penny for helping with the 50/50 draw), Daryl & Stephanie Jantzen for running the raffle, Derek and Sarah Lefebvre for running the front door, Gerry Nairn, Terry Riffin, Ron Meyers, Mark Porter, Bob Lefebvre, Ian Baird, Rob Engh for approaching local businesses for door prizes, Ian Baird for Emceeing the evening and finally Ian Baird and Mark Porter for taking on the big task of organizing the event.

It is obvious by the turnout that everyone missed not having it in 2015. A big shout out to all our members who came and shovelled snow so that this event could happen and all our members who helped out with setup and takedown, many hands make light work!

We also presented our Big Game Awards for 2015 and 2106 as well with the following list of winners:

  • First Big Game Animal: Libby Baird, Maddie Porter & Michaella Porter
  • Moose: Ian Baird (2015), Richard Visser (2016)
  • Elk: Will Dueck (2015), Terry Riffin (2016)
  • Mule Deer: Ian Baird (2015), Kerry Baird (2016)
  • Blacktail Deer: Darrel Hamilton (2015), Darren Mulrooney (2016)
  • Whitetail Deer: Darrel Hamilton (2015), Pete Heide (2016)
  • Black Bear: Wayne Meyers (2015), Sandy Dueck & Sadie Baird (2016)
  • Grizzly Bear: Sandy Dueck (2016)
  • Largest Animal with Bow: Darren Mulrooney

Congratulations to all the winners and for everyone who had a successful hunting season in 2016, without the meat donations the dinner wouldn’t be able to be put on, after all it is a “game” dinner.

Meat donations were provided by:

  • Mark Porter
  • Will Dueck
  • Wayne Meyers
  • Ron Meyers
  • Dragan Zoric
  • The Baird Family
  • Derek Lefebvre
  • Terry Riffin
  • Richard Visser
  • Dave & Linda Dunn
  • Sumas Meats

Lastly, and probably most importantly, I would like to thank all our local businesses who sponsored/donated door prizes for this event.

  • Stuffers Supply Company
  • Valley Combat & Tactical
  • Canadian Tire
  • Langley Concrete
  • EagleWest
  • Adtech Systems
  • High Caliber
  • Rona
  • Wholesale Sports Langley
  • Big Game Archery
  • Sagittarius Archers
  • Cabelas
  • Maple Ridge Chrysler
  • Home Depot
  • Century Plumbing
  • Lowes
  • Ledgeview Golf Course
  • Blackwood Building Supplies – Home Hardware
  • Town Hall Public House
  • House of Knives
  • Davis Meats
  • Valhalla Pure
  • Reliable Guns
  • Siwash Sports
  • Tim Hortons – Whatcom
  • Chilliwack Dart and Tackle
  • Sumas Meats
  • Wanstalls
  • Chris Kitt

We had well over 50 door prizes this year and many were of great quality! Ironically the last prize of the night, a nice 0.22cal lever action Henry rifle donated by Wanstalls, was drawn by MC Ian Baird so he threw his name out and drew another name instead, after all you can’t win the 50/50 and the rifle all in one night! He drew Hardy Staub who I heard gave the rifle to his grandson who was in attendance for the first time, he most certainly left with a smile on his face!

Here’s looking forward to next years event and the much anticipated upcoming hunting season, have fun and stay safe.

Ian Baird
Big Game Chairman