40 YEARS LATER… You have to belief in karma at some point.

The Abby club match got snowed out the week before and I was working and could not make it. Along comes Snowmaggedon and the match gets delayed to Feb13.2017. That is EXACTLY 40 years to the day that the first IPSC match, EVER, was shot in Canada at the TMSA range.

In that first match we had hoped to have 25 shooters and we felt we would be a success. We had 42 and have not looked back since. The 1977 course of fire was three, yes three, stages for around 36 rounds. My, how things have changed!

At this 2017 match there was a change over after everyone shot the first three stages for another three. Good course design made it flow well and lots was learned for future events.

For anyone wanting to see the other photos taken at the match, send me an email request and I will send you a Dropbox invite to see them all. You can also find more on my blog doc-mdgardner.blogspot.com

I sincerely appreciate the effort extended by the club and the match organizers to put on this event. It is another milestone in the history of IPSC Canada. The next big event, the 40th IPSC Canada National Championships, Calgary AB July. Check their web page: http://www.ipsc2017.com/

See you on the ranges and at the matches.
Murray Gardner

Thank you to everyone who signed my souvenir target. See you in 5 years at the 45th!

Yes, the shirt still fits. Note the Milt Sparks speed holster complete with leg tie down.

KISS…Keep It Simple Shooter. Challenging shots and simple to convert to another stage later. Only three things matter in a match, course design, course design and course design.