Attention all Members, please make note of the following procedure changes effective immediately at AFGC.

Range 5, 10 person limit

Due to overcrowding on Range 5 and the inability to properly social distance under the current COVID-19 rules, there will now be a 10 person limit at one time imposed on this range. When you arrive, if the range is full, you must wait in your car or shoot at another range until the mandatory range shut down happens or enough spaces clear up for you and your guests.

Overflow Parking

Please note that our neighbour who owns the farm across the street from the Club is no longer allowing any parking on his field. This now means that there is no parking along the street side of club fence and no parking in the field across from the club at any time. We are working on creating more parking spots inside the property to allow for overflow on busy days.

Thank you for your understanding in these matters.
AFGC Board of Directors