IPSC Practices

Weekly practices on Thursday have been quite steady with the amount of people showing up. We are limiting it to 14 members.

I have booked off Range 4 on Friday August 5th for IPSC as there were no objections made from the Board. This is to make up for the missed practice last week due to the hot weather. I would like to keep the option open of having practices on the first Friday of the month moving forward, if the Board is OK with that.

I am also going to be opening up attendance to non-members that want to attend as well. They still must be IPSC BC members, but don’t have to be AFGC members. They will be able to sign up on Wednesdays if there are any spots left open for the week.

IPSC Canada Nationals

IPSC Canada just completed the Nationals in Halifax and a few of our BC shooters finished quite well.

Congratulations to AFGC Members:

  • Avery Wong finished 3rd place in Open and 1st place Junior. This is a huge accomplishment on a National level!
  • Sam Yu came in 10th overall for Production Optics.

Unfortunately, Rob and Dawne had to cancel at the last minute.


In the months to come we are looking to rebuild some of our equipment that was damaged from the flood. An IPSC workbee will be called.


I have now re-purchased all of the lost equipment from the flood and submitted my expense report. I look forward to getting back to full capacity.

Geoff Fraser