Turnout has been good, back to our old numbers again with lots of new faces coming out too. We did a new stage a couple weeks ago that was a lot of fun. One large rectangle plate at 7yds, with only 1 shot being fired, do that 5 times for the stage, then once everyone was done, do the same at 10, then 15 and lastly just past 20yds. We saw some blinding fast draws at all distances and once we got everyone through we then did 5 Bill Drills (6 shots per string) at each distance as well, and again saw some amazingly fast times.

We will be running a championship this fall, with us shooting 2 of the official stages each night, for 4 weeks, to get all 8 stages in. You’ll need to preregister for that and attend all 4 weeks to qualify. Details on that will be up soon.