///IPSC Sub Club Report July 2018 

IPSC Sub Club Report July 2018 

The month of June had three IPSC matches held in Kamloops, Fort St. John and Port Coquitlam. As always Abbotsford had a sizable contingent of shooters attend the matches. All represented the Club very well.

The results are as follows:

Kamloops Day 1:
Open: Murray Gardner, 3rd Overall
Production: Rob Engh, 1st Overall; Geoff Fraser 3rd Overall; Jim Atkey, 1st B
Production Optics: Brian Connors, 1st Overall
Standard: Patrick Labron, 2nd C

Kamloops Day 2:
Production: Curtis Young, 2nd Overall; Geoff Fraser, 1st B; Jim Atkey, 3rd B; Dan Letendre, 1st D
Production Optics: Brian Connors, 2nd Overall
Standard: Patrick Labron, 1st C

Fort St. John Day 1:
Production: Jim Atkey, 3rd Overall

Fort St. John Day 2:
Open: Murray Gardner, 2nd Overall

Poco Day 1:
Production: Allan Johanson, 1st B
Production Optics: Rob Engh, 1st Overall; Brian Connors 3rd Overall
Standard: Curtis Young, 2nd Overall

Poco Day 2:
Production: Lee Corfe, 3rd Overall; Allan Johanson, 3rd B
Production Optics: Brian Connors, 2nd Overall
Standard: Curtis Young, 3rd Overall; Patrick Labron, 1st C

IPSC matches are scheduled for Nanaimo and Williams Lake for July. Of note the IPSC Canada Nationals and IPSCBC Provincial Championships will be held in August.

A reminder to check out the IPSC Movement Class the club is hosting this September. Follow the Facebook link  https://www.facebook.com/events/197372874238188/ for more information.


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