The Abbotsford IPSC Sub Club members participated in two major IPSC matches in August.

First the 2018 IPSC Canada Nationals held in Selkirk, Manitoba and second the 2018 IPSCBC Provincial Championships held in Kamloops, BC. Several Abbotsford members also made the Top Ten Shooters List for British Columbia.

The results for the Canadian Nationals are as follows:
  • Rob Engh at 3rd Overall (2nd Canadian) Production Division
The results for the Provincial Championships are as follows:
  • Rob Engh 1st Overall
  • Mike McClelland 3rd Overall
  • Curtis Young 1st M
  • Emmanuael Dikeakos 3rd M
  • Geoff Fraser 3rd A
  • Allan Johanson 1st B
  • Michelle Grenkow 2nd D
Production Optics:
  • Brian Connors 1st B
  • Don Bach 1st C
  • Adrian Slater 1st D
  • Kelly Abram 3rd Overall
  • Joseph Wu 2nd A
  • Murray Gardner 3rd A
  • Jono Olson 1st B
  • Chris Talkes 2nd C
  • Brian McCoy 2nd G
  • Brock Edwards 3rd B
  • Jessica Maclowich 1st D
  • Trevor Dick 1st B
  • Pat Lebron 2nd B
The Provincial Top Ten AFGC shooters per Division are as follows:

1) Rob Engh
2) Mike McClelland
3) Curtis Young
7) Lee Corfe
10) Emmanual Dikeakos

Production Optics:

3) Brian Connors


3) Kelly Abram
7) Joseph Wu
8) Murray Gardner


5) Brian McCoy
10) Brock Edwards


8) Trevor Dick

Congratulations to all the Abbotsford IPSC Club members who participated in these competitions.

The Abbotsford IPSC Sub Club would like to thank everyone who organizes and volunteers to put on these matches throughout the Province for without them this sport could not function.

IPSC Sub Club Team