The PPC club held our first annual Bob Steele Memorial match on August 5 with 13 shooters attending and their scores being submitted to the Canadian Police Combat Association for national classifications. The weather was very warm but the sun was mostly hidden by the forest fire smoke from the interior.

The PPC Sub Club held our monthly practice/training match on Sunday September 2nd. The weather was warm and sunny making it an enjoyable day at the range. We had 9 shooters on the line, plus the chief range officer, which was quite good considering the long weekend and some of our regular shooters not attending due to long weekend commitments.

One Abby club member shot his all-time best by 40 points, giving all the credit to his attending our monthly matches and the practice and coaching he receives there.

Several of our regular shooters will be attending the Vancouver Island Police Combat Championships Thanksgiving weekend in Victoria. Our shooters do very well at this match as evidenced by the 37 and 35 medals won in the 2016 and 2017 Island Championships respectively.

Stay safe on and off the range.

Robert Stoddart
PPC Sub Club Director