A good group of seven for the IPSC TC held over that weekend. Thanks as always to Kevin H and George P for their help. The background and knowledge they bring to the classes is very valuable to the students.

These 7 shooters, used an interesting mix of pistols; 6 in 9mm Luger and 1 in .40SW. Guns were 2 Beretta 92FSs, 2 SW M&Ps, 1 Glock in .40, 1 in 9mm and 1 Shadow 2.  No left handers, they all show up at one class. 🙂 

Two students currently reload and, I suspect, the others will follow suit soon to join the legions of those of us who do reload. My new trigger pull gauge (available on line from mdgardner.com 😉 ) opened eyes. When they try my Open gun trigger, the concept of GST becomes much more tangible. If you don’t know what GST means, not the tax, you will find out in my class.

Thanks to our caretakers, Audrey and Dan for helping me access course props. 

Group photo by me. We had taken all our gear off so no hardware showing. 

These TC classes certify the students for holster use anywhere holsters are used. That is a great testament to the quality and trust the IPSC TC provides. The class also provides a peek into the world of IPSC and, hopefully, intrigues the students to continue on.

It was obvious this group got it that the TC first priority is SAFETY while learning to shoot a wide variety of skills; freestyle, strong hand, weak hand, reloads, kneeling, prone, movement and more that students may encounter in matches.  

My IPSC TC classes for the balance of calendar 2017 are scheduled. Take a look and contact me to be register in the one that works for you. Next scheduled class is Oct 14/15.17. The last class for this year is Nov 18/19.17, break in Dec and then the 2018 schedule kicks in. If you want to take the course, maybe think about registering early or look at my calendar for later dates.

If you can’t get into qualifiers, check out ISL on the Islands. They tend to be good practice for qualifiers. These are held in Victoria, Nanaimo and Campbell River. And, of course, steel matches at TMSA and Mission. Chilliwack does IDPA for yet another exposure to pistol shooting challenges.

Students can, and should, shoot steel matches before their first qualifier. TMSA has a steel match Sat Nov 14.17. Mission also shoots steel, check their site. Even coming out to a qualifier just to watch is a good idea to get a feel for how the game is played.

I put out a “sorta” weekly email announcing matches of which I am aware, Abby courses and more. If you want to be on that email list, send me an email asking to be added. Anytime you want to opt out, just send another email asking and it will happen. 

There are no more Qualifiers this calendar year. Next years calendar s/b available after the BoD meeting Nov 04/05.17. Opportunities to complete TC requirements can be a challenge to the students. Still lots of time to stop saying, “I really want to shoot IPSC and take the course” and ACTUALLY sign up to prove it :))

You can join this fast growing dynamic shooting sport by being a class graduate. Class dates and more information can be found at 


I look forward to having you involved.

Murray “DOC” Gardner

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