//Workbee Reminder September 30

Workbee Reminder September 30

An URGENT call for Action to the “A Team”

More commonly known as the men and woman and families of the Work Bee Troops.

Hi to you all,

I hope everyone had a fantastic Summer. Now that the kids are back at school, we have had our fishing trip, and a good many are ready for the hunting season. Hopefully wildlife has escaped the wild fires, and that there is some success for those of us that intend to hunt this fall.

This is a call for help for the next Work-bee project. But it is a fun one.

As you are aware our club has not had a work-bee event for quite some time, the last time I wrote to you was for help at the Game Dinner Dance, and some of you came out to help at the Open House. Everyone of us is aware that most improvements and maintenance items that need attention is done by us, the members, because we have no staff to look after these items, other than our Caretakers. Some of us have met Dan and Audrey, who took over from Dave and Linda. Well it is time we all met them, and yes, there is a list of chores that must be done.

In short, we need your help, we must construct many target backers (around 500), we need to rake the ranges, do some weeding and repaint some signs. Please to bring your cordless drills and drivers (if they have them) with you. We will need them to build the target backs. To accomplish all of this we are calling for a work bee day (OK, just the morning) for this coming Saturday, September 30. We should meet about 08:30 hrs to lay out the plan, and start working at 9:00. We should be finished with all of this by 13:00hrs, PROMISE! There will be a coffee break, and at lunchtime we will have something to eat. After that we should be either enjoying some Range Time or whatever you have planned for the rest of the day.

As those of you that have worked with me in the past, you know it will be a fun event, lots of laughter, and perhaps some sweat also. We will have some small door prizes, and your name will go into the hat for a membership draw at our next AGM.  You also know that you will be credited for your attendance and help at this event, and you will save some doe ($) by not having to pay a work bee fee at membership renewal time next April.

I hope you can come, please, we need your help. In the past, we had whole families show up. Let’s see if we can do that again.


Hardy Staub
Work Bee Meister
604 536-4058

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