Local Rivers

Fraser River: with freshette and the snow pack melting the river is up but anglers are still enjoying great Sturgeon outings. This month anchoring will

be a chore, so pick slower moving water as the livathons will come to you! Fresh bloody baits are important as water is getting stained! Successful fishermen and guides are using large pieces of salmon belly and parts of eels; with pike minnow being first choice! Roe sacks; oolichons as change up’s: the stinkier the better also add scent to your baits!

The Trout in the Fraser are still active providing great angling opportunities. Single eggs; roe sacks; krill and shrimp; small crocodiles should be added to your change ups.

Chilliwack/Vedder: Closed to fishing until July 1st – at that time anglers will need a current fishing Lise me and a Steelhead tag.

Chehalis/Harrison: Chehalis water levels are high right now ‘BUT’ in two to three weeks the Harrison will ‘drop drastically’ when this happens the summer Steelhead will begin their cycle! Angle for them above the Hatchery with roe; shrimp; worms; krill; single eggs as well as hardware – spinners and spoons. Float fishing will be most productive!

Local Lakes

Kawkawa Lake is still on fire with Kokane and Cutthroat – use single eggs; dew worms; krill and small jigs. 

Grace Wolf, Deer Hicks and Stacey lakes are still producing cut’s and rainbows

Interior Lakes

Horse, Timothy and Lac Lahache are about to turn but still giving up good fishing, troll flies!

Chair: Loren Sherbina
Co-Chair: Dylan Francis; Elaine Ridout-Sherbina