Fraser: Non-Tidal: still reports of cutthroats, whitefish and dolly gardens being hooked! Use bait for best results – worms; krill; single salmon eggs; roe sacks; flies to use minnow immitations or may flies! Best news is this spring has given us a good oolichon return which has made sturgeon catch and release phenomenal!!

Chilliwack/Vedder: Closed to fishing as of May 1st for a month! Lower river opens for Angling June 1st. River re-opens fully Canada Day.

Chehalis is slow to dead!

Interior Lakes: all lower elevation lakes are now ice free.

Local Lakes: Sasquatch Parks and Hicks now open! Rainbows and Cutthroat trout – up to 3lbs. Best baits are chrionomids , leeches, single salmon eggs, worms and krill seem to be preferred.

Kawkawa has slowed right down but will pick up again after the freshet.

Any of you anglers who want expert fly fishing tactics contact Ross Gordon, AFGC member.

Special congratulations to Chad Hammond and his wife – new owners of Chilliwack Dart and Tackle. He is also the rainshadow rep.

Chair – Loren Sherbina
Co-Chairs -Brian McCarthy;Elaine Ridout-Sherbina