May 16 Multigun held our monthly practice night. We had fewer shooters than expected so we concentrated on shot placement and accuracy along with the shotgun spinner. New shooters learn quick that chokes are an essential part of your 3 gun kit.

This month we are hosting our “Fringe Minority” match of the year on Sunday June 19th. Yes it’s on Fathers Day, but what dad wouldn’t want to be out shooting on his day after all! Spots are still available and sign up is on Practiscore.

We also have our practice night on Monday the 20th. Yes it is the day after the “Fringe Minority” match. As always it’s on range 4 at 6pm till 10pm. Sign up will be on Practiscore shortly.

With our current Commie Coalition government pandering to the CFG, we have been slapped in the face for the third time in 2 years with yet another useless gun law. If you haven’t done so already, and can find one, consider adopting another handgun to your collection like I have. Keep them warm and fed and piss off a liberal by taking them out often!