The PPC club held its monthly PPC match October 2nd with 12 shooters participating even though 5 of our regular shooters were missing due to their annual participation in the motorcycle toy run for kids. One of the shooters travelled from Kelowna to attend.

The last monthly CPCA approved match for 2022 will be held November 6.

Several of our shooters are travelling to Victoria this Thanksgiving to participate in the Vancouver Island PPC Championships and wish them well.

December 4th will be our Christmas Turkey shoot with a shorter PPC course of fire and several fun matches such as the turkey shoot, one on one balloon challenge and our Oregon Walk Down match.  It is fun for all.

Shooters from Abbotsford F&G, as well as those from other clubs are welcome to participate in our monthly matches. Although our monthly match for November is a registered CPCA match, everyone is welcome to come and shoot alongside of those submitting their scores to CPCA for classification.

On behalf of the PPC sub-club we wish everyone an enjoyable Thanksgiving long weekend.

Hope everyone enjoys an active participation in their respective disciplines.

Everyone stay safe and healthy.
Russell Sorsdahl,
PPC Director