We have some very exciting news at the Club! We now have permanent Steel Targets installed on Range 5 for General Membership use.

The current setup on Range 5 is:

  • Two plate racks,
  • Two dueling trees,
  • Two hostage/tango targets.

Please be aware that the following rules apply to any members who wish to use the steel targets:

Handgun Use Only

NO RIFLES or SHOTGUNS of any kind, no pistol calibre rifles, are allowed on Range 5.

Approved Calibres

Only the following calibres are permitted for pistol:
.22LR, .38 Special, 38 SC and Super, 9mm, 9mm Major, .40S&W, .45GAP, .45ACP. NO MAGNUMS.

No Steel Ammo

No Steel Ammo is allowed, No Steel Cased Ammo is allowed. Only lead, copper jacketed or copper plated lead is to be used.

Shooting from the Mats Only

The steel is to be shot from the rubber mats provided at a distance of 10 meters and may not be moved. Targets are also not to be moved.

Steel Must Be Re-Painted

Leave the steel freshly painted when you are finished shooting. Paint is supplied on the range.

Report Any Damage

Please take care of the Steel targets and report any damage to the Caretakers immediately.

Both plate racks are reset by simply pulling on the rope with a quick yank. The dueling trees are self setting, as are the two hostage/tango targets.

Thanks and enjoy!