Attention Members, thank you for your patience while we figured out the issue with the Promo Code box not showing for some members.

After speaking with Support Services for our Membership System, they have informed us that for security purposes they do no allow more than one credit to be applied to a single invoice. Unfortunately, that means all members that passed the Safety Course or participated in a Workbee were unable to use the promo code for the flood related discount.

We will be rectifying the issue for these members by manually reprocessing a full credit that includes the 38% membership discount for the time we have been closed due to the flood. Please do not ask to NOT have the discount applied as it will only create more work for our Membership Team to go through each of the hundreds of Members accounts manually.

If you have been affected by this issue, you will receive an updated link in your email with the new credit applied at the bottom of your invoice.

If you are a member who has already paid their invoice and either passed the Safety Course or participated in a Workbee and would like to receive a refund for the flood clousure, please contact the Membership Team at to make that request.

Thank you for your continued membership.