At the Open House we used 5 cases of targets and 650 rounds of ammunition. 115 people shot 5 shots and several volunteers shot also. The new Beretta functioned well as did the 3 other club guns. Peter Turgeon and Daryl Jansen provided 2 other guns.

August 19th, 10 people attended 6 shot individual HDCP run (sic) the 24 yd. Individual Handicap, Daryl Jansen 21/25, won shoot off. 24 yd Handicap, Greg Wesselius 45/50. Next shoot September 16, October 21.

Night Practice attendance August: 7, 10, 15, 10, 15. Night practice is now over. Nathan Ghole shot his first 25 straight. On the last practice we shot using the overhead lights, the shooters did not have a problem seeing the targets.