///ATS for 23 July, and other upcoming gun goodness

ATS for 23 July, and other upcoming gun goodness

All, a reminder for this months ATS shoot, 23 July.
250 rounds for each platform; pistol / carbine / shotgun. 0930hrs range brief and set up, 1000hrs rounds down range. $10 drop-in fee. Range 3.

Mag carrying gear (5 mags min, per platform, plus ‘something’ to carry your shot shells in; tac vest, battle belt, REALLY deep pockets, etc, for your load out… we will NOT stop to let you ‘top up’ or ‘reload my one mag’…), holster, and slings for shotgun / carbine, required.

You should be formally ‘holster trained’, as well, note this is NOT a Black Badge requirement, private/LE training OK; AFGC Skills and Drills is a GREAT place to start, if you’re new to the handgun platform.
Next CQB match, 05 August; email actionrifleleague@gmail.com for more info, and to register.
This years Open House is Saturday, 12 August, and though I will be unable to attend, Joe D has stepped up to run and staff Range 3, where all “black rifle goodness” hangs out. If you can assist on the day, we need RO’s to work with the civvies, so please feel free to step up and help. The day counts as your ‘work bee commitment’, for next years membership, besides being one hell of a hoot. Chase me an email, if you can assist on the day.
Reminder for the dates for the Veritac series of courses (there will be a 4hr medical module focusing on GSW type trauma, the Friday evening before, both weekends).
The Veritac website has been updated for registration. Direct Links to each course:

Note that the DSTO course 27-29 Oct requires some form of advanced training for participants (MWO or equivalent); if you’re unsure, please email me for criteria. There will be an additional $10 fee on top of the regular course fee. 

General course info is available here: http://training.veritacsolutions.com

Courses will be held on Range 3, AFG, timings and kit load out to be emailed to participants. Friday’s section will be held either in the clubhouse, or in the trap house. Course discounts are available through myself, for ATS members, Veritac alumni, and LE/Mil pers. Email me for the code, before hitting the registration page. There is also an additional manually applied discount, should you elect to take both courses.

Side note: I’m looking at getting Shivworks on board for a couple courses next year, probably EWO and ECCQ, so keep those US $$’s close.

Regards, all.
Claude Murdoch
Director – Abbotsford Tactical Shooters

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