Amazing news for the cadet world: biathlon just got switched back to involve real rifles and skiing! For the first time in years we will be able to shoot our 22s and wax our skis. We hope to resume shooting on Thursday nights in November if the club is willing to have us back after such a long hiatus. It is a whole new generation of cadets that have never done biathlon before so I am very excited to see what kind of numbers we get. 

I want to be sure that the cadet organization and the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club maintain a positive relationship. To express our gratitude for using your facilities, I hope you call on us when you have projects or events we can help with. It’s no coincidence that all the top teams are from units that get to practice at your range, and we are so grateful.

Thank you for your continued support of shooting sports for youth.

CI Martin
907 RCACS Black Knights
Biathlon Coach