We are thinking of you as we watch the heavy rainfall come down yet again. The devastating flooding in the valley has been difficult to witness from afar and we can not even imagine what it must be like to watch property, livestock and possessions destroyed as well as lives endangered. Please know that cadets are there to help when it comes time to rebuild. I wholeheartedly expect other units to also pounce on the opportunity to help out. As you know, there are many bureaucratic hurdles to jump to get cadets to do in-person activities but please feel free to reach out so that we can start to organize something down the road. Thank you for all of your support; we hope to, in-turn, support you back. 

I wanted to sign-off with the typical “stay safe” or “best wishes”, but there isn’t really a good way to word what I hope for you. Your amazing support throughout the years is a testament to the dedication and pride with what you have. It sucks that this hit you, but if anyone can make it through this, it’s the amazing group of people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know through AFGC.