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The Fraser Valley Recreational Range Club is a student run club through the University of the Fraser Valley and the Student Union Society of UFV. Our mission is to educate interested parties on the rules, regulations and safe handling of firearms, and the draw to the shooting sports.

We began the club to offer students the opportunity to experience the shooting sports for themselves and to allow students to share their experience with others who have a mutual interest. We have members involved in our club who have a great deal of experience as well as members who are entirely new to the shooting sports. No matter where you stand in terms of experience you will be a valued member of the FVRRC.

Membership will be limited to current students and Alumni. For inquiries about membership please send a message to the email below. To see what the club is currently up to, please take a look at either of our social media profiles detailed below.

Sub Club Head: Morgan Jensen

Email: Fraservalleyrecrangeclub@gmail.com
Facebook Page
Instagram Page

FVRRC August 2021 Update

In the past month we have had some new faces on the range with us and with them some interesting new firearms. We have two range events scheduled for August, the first on the 9th and the second on the 23rd. 4 new target backers were made for the last event by yours truly, the final cost [...]

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FVRRC Report July 2021

Our first day back out on the range took place on June 14th and felt like the first step towards normalcy. Unfortunately our second range day had to be cancelled due to the sudden heat wave that hit us and drove temperatures to 45°. We figured that a pool or an air conditioned house [...]

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April 2021 FVRRC Update

Unfortunately with our PHO restrictions and the nature of our club, all events are still being placed on hold. Due to the 3 meter distance restriction between individuals, it is not possible to “directly and immediately” supervise unlicensed members of our club. In the recent past we saw some restrictions loosen up and then [...]

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FVRRC February 2021 Update

The Fraser Valley Recreational Range Club is continuing to cancel all bi-weekly events until further notice to comply with provincial health orders. Many of our members are still meeting in limited capacity either at the range in small groups or via online means. In the past month members of the FVRRC have met at the [...]

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December Update from FVRRC

Even with the cold weather and COVID-19, member attendance at FVRRC events has been better than expected. We are closely monitoring the virus and provincial health guidelines. Thus far we have not made the decision to postpone events but are weighing our options as safety must come first. We are quite happy to report [...]

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