In November 2021, Abbotsford experienced one of Canada’s largest flooding disasters when the Nooksack River overflowed and breached its dyke and floodwater headed straight to Abbotsford, flooding Sumas Prairie. Recovery work is underway and more information can be found on the City of Abbotsford website(External link).

The City of Abbotsford is working with engineering consulting firm Kerr Wood Leidal, to develop a long-term flood mitigation plan for Sumas Prairie. Through the plan, the City is considering different options designed to enhance the City’s existing flood related infrastructure and reduce flooding impacts to residents and the community. This work is separate from and builds on the work already being done as part of the City’s flood recovery.

The options being presented to Council have been developed for discussion with residents, businesses, governments and stakeholders. Options range in cost from an estimated $209 million to nearly $2.797 billion and offer a range of flood mitigation and protection measures for residents and businesses of Sumas Prairie.

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