July 7th is our regular monthly practice/training match. Our regular training/practice matches for the rest of the year will be held on the first Sunday of September, and November and with our special Christmas match being held on the first Sunday of December. The Christmas match will have a turkey shoot and other fun shoots following our regular PPC course of fire.

Club members are welcome to come out and observe or participate in our practice/training matches, as well as shooters from other clubs on a drop in basis. For information on participation, course of fire, equipment and ammo requirements please contact me, or the PPC chief range officer/match director, Russell Sorsdahl.

The first Sunday in August (August 4th) will be our third nationally registered CPCA (Canadian Police Combat Association) match for the 2019 shooting season and the other remaining registered CPCA match for the 2019 season will be held on the first Sunday of October (October 6th) followed up by the Canadian National PPC competition in Victoria October 11-13.

Members of Canadian Police Combat Association are welcome to compete in the registered matches during the year in order to have their scores submitted to CPCA for classifications.

Several of our shooters are also preparing to attend the World PPC Championships being held in Australia in September.

Remember to stay safe on and off the range.

Robert Stoddart
PPC Sub Club Director