Our sediment pond has been cleaned out and the new parking area created by the archery range and the main clubhouse. This work required short notice closure of range 2 due to the lengthy approval process and weather conditions. Many thanks to our caretakers for arranging to get all of it done. 

On another note, something I would like to think wouldn’t need to be mentioned again, and again, members need to wear safety glasses on the ranges. It is absolutely baffling that members still insist on not wearing safety glasses while shooting, and I’m not talking about forgetting to put them back on after pushing them up on top of their head during a cease fire, or putting them down on the table during the same. No, I mean not having even removed them from their range bag, or worse yet, not having brought them to the club at all. Even more troubling is people allowing their guests or children to be on the range without glasses either. This is absolutely unacceptable and is cause for your membership to be revoked. 

As well, please do not open doors for members who do not have working cards, or who say they have forgotten their cards at home. If a member’s card is not working it’s most likely due to them not having renewed, and it is up to that member to contact our membership chair to arrange payment during the renewal period. Persons who gain access to the facility who are not current members are not covered by our insurance and are not allowed to use the facility unless signed in as a guest or as a participant in a sub club activity.