Hard to believe that summer is still hanging on the way it is here in the lower mainland, but I feel for our hunters who haven’t been getting the game they’d normally get due to this continued warm spell. But I guess this offsets the late, wet spring we had. 

As we do move towards the wetter periods, please remember that all our ranges had machine work done on them, and a lot of soil was disturbed during the cleanups from the flood, along with a lot of sediment still being left behind. As such, it might be a good idea to pack boots or spare shoes when you come to the range once the rain hits. You can also wash your shoes/boots off, at the various hose bibs along the paved path. 

Surprisingly enough, I have again had reports of people not wearing glasses while shooting, across all the ranges, please people, please, wear your glasses, even if you aren’t shooting and someone else is. Blow back, ricochets and all sorts of other pieces of debris don’t care if you’re the shooter or not. Glasses and hearing protection are required, period. Another common complaint of late has been people handling guns during a ceasefire, this is absolutely not acceptable. It doesn’t matter if you “know” your gun is safe, others do not and could be downrange. Guns are to only be handled when the lights are red and the range is active. 

If you’ve been to the range this week you may have noticed that Dan and Audrey have switched out the fold down benches to a newer setup. They are now shorter and stronger, please don’t slam them up into place though, that is a surefire way to damage them. And please, don’t twist the release arm on the left side, it’s just a simple pull, with little force needed, to unlock the tables. 

Most of the electrical work for the indoor range is now down, along with the new makeup air unit, but we still do have some electrical work needing to be completed on 2 for the new safety system down at the berm towards the 75 meter point, behind 2B, so please watch the calendar for closures on 2 for that work. 

We should be applying for our building permit for the restoration and renovation of the main clubhouse in the next 3-4 weeks and hopefully see the BP issued before year end. We will be putting out a request for bids on the project, so please watch the website for that if you have a company that you think might want to be involved. We’ll be needing every trade you can think of for doing the work.