If you have visited AFGC lately, you will have noticed our roll up bay doors are finally fully operational on the ranges! Signage still needs to be put up, we are waiting on better weather for that.

The remotes are in the open lock boxes on the back wall of each range, and are clearly numbered, as are the bays. You may open or close as many bay doors as you need on the range during your visit. Obviously, do not close other people’s doors. 

There are some additions to our rules now that the doors are able to be used. Please read through the Roll Up Doors Usage and Guidelines to familiarize yourself with their operation.

The door must be open on the bay you intend to shoot from before you handle any firearms. The that means NO UNCASING or CASING of guns behind a closed door. You may place your closed gun case on the table at the bay door, but do not open the case until the bay door is fully open. When you are finished and you have cased your guns and cleaned up, please make sure tables are not blocking the path of the door before you close them.

The heaters that span their nearest two bays are interlocked to both doors at those bays. Only one door needs to be fully open for the heater to work. The heater will not work if a door is closed or only open part way, this is to ensure proper air flow through the space. The heater will turn off automatically when doors are closed. As well, all heaters on a range will turn off if the Carbon Monoxide detectors are activated. The detectors will reset once CO levels drop below the alarm threshold. Should you hear the alarm, please proceed to PROVE your guns safe and evacuate the building in a safe and orderly manner and proceed to contact our Caretakers at 780-233-9260.

All other range rules still apply, including mandatory ear and eye protection to be worn by everyone on the range, not just those shooting. Spectators and visitors are required to have ear and eye protection on at all times when inside the ranges. Failure to abide by this rule can result in membership termination.

Thank you for your adherence to the rules for everyone’s safety.

Robert Engh
AFGC President