Here is a quick update on what’s happening at the club.

While performing the remediation of the Clubhouse, the lobby tested positive for asbestos in the drywall and some lead in the tile in the bathrooms. That means the remediation will need to take that into account with negative airflows, showers, clean rooms etc. Rob will be meeting with the city on January 7th to see if they can finally issue us our permit to do the renovation to the front of the building.

Some documentation has been done on some of the loss on the main floor area, but nothing major will be done for documenting all the sub clubs until we have a bridge in place (see item below on the bridge).

The trap clubhouse has had all the interior wall coverings removed and insulation as well. But, due to the age of the building and new building codes, it may likely need to be totally rebuilt.

All seacans have now been opened, content management will be done as mentioned above. Probably a month out for that, but possibly less.

The work on the bridge is progressing nicely, AFGC Director Steve Bailey has been involved in work for the main bridge supports. They are huge! Estimate is mid-January to get the bridge available for crossing. Once the bridge is in place one of our contractors will be on site to start the remediation of the sediment pond, creek, and hill. That will probably take a couple weeks minimum to do. If they have enough machines available they will also be working on the berms in 2B, 3, 4 and 5.

We will keep members updated as things progress, but as of now it’s too early to have an estimated time of reopening.

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.