First and foremost, the Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers who came out to help with this year’s annual Open House! Without so many members putting in many hours of time, it would not happen.

On August 11th AFGC held their annual Open House to invite members and the general public to come out and enjoy the sport of shooting and archery as much as we do! With so much negativity and misunderstanding in the news lately across Canada, it’s important for all members our the community to help dispel the myths circulating about gun ownership. The Open House invites members of the public to come out and try different aspects of our shared sport in a fun, safe and friendly environment.

This year was a little quieter than other years as we had about 300 people come through our front gates, but we were well staffed with over 50 volunteers wearing their limited edition volunteer “My Idea of Group Therapy” t-shirts. This is the second year up against the Airshow and we will probably be moving it back to July next year.

The cloudy weather was a nice relief from the sun, even though it was smoky once again from the forest fires. The rain held off right until the end of the day where we had a torrential downpour for a few hours during cleanup.

The lunch BBQ was well stocked by Ian Baird, Audrey Oxner and Dan Ashton, keeping our visitors and volunteers from going hungry.

There were all sorts of sub-club representatives out from Archery to Trap, ATS, IPSC, 22 club and more! This is always a great event to see what is going on at the club, and try out some different guns and bows.

At the end of the event volunteers were welcome to stay and share stories of the day over a pig roast that was manned by none other than Club President, Mark Porter.

Special thanks to club member Mark Yeager for taking photos of the event. Take a look through them and if you missed this one, we’d love for you to come out and join us for our Open House next year! We’re always looking for volunteers to help make this event more popular than ever!

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