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Cadet Update October 2022

Amazing news for the cadet world: biathlon just got switched back to involve real rifles and skiing! For the first time in years we will be able to shoot our 22s and wax our skis. [...]

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ATS Update 2022 October

We've decided to mix things up a bit for this month's ATS practice and introduced an "Obstacle" course!The practice combined many drills we were practicing in the past but this time we had to roll, crawl, use unorthodox prone, all [...]

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October 2022 PPC Sub Cub Report

The PPC club held its monthly PPC match October 2nd with 12 shooters participating even though 5 of our regular shooters were missing due to their annual participation in the motorcycle toy run for kids. [...]

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IPSC Report September 2022

IPSC Practices will continue through the Fall until we can no longer shoot outside due to the weather. Email me if you would like to attend for signup instructions. Abby IPSC Members just competed in [...]

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ATS Update September 2022

0930 Setup, safety and medplan review! With four shooters on the line, started ATS Sunday with accuracy practice at 5 meter line, moving further away from the targets while reloading, changing positions and transitioning from [...]

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PPC Sub Club Report September 2022

The PPC Club will hold its monthly CPCA approved match on September 4th with 8 shooters attending; lower than normal due to it being the long weekend. We managed to get all of our shooting [...]

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Multigun Report September 2022

August practice night was sold out and we had a lot of new people to the range with some very interesting choices of firearms. Never had a 44Mag lever gun used before, but dude could [...]

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