At Abbotsford Fish & Game Club we promote keen interest in family and outdoor activities with an emphasis on the environment, conservation, sportsmanship, and safety.

Open House Another Success!

Bullseye!!! What a great event! Our Open House hit it right on the mark. We had about 500 people come and shoot and have a happy day at the AFGC. Lots of families, Mom, Dad, their kids, and yes, grandpas … Continue reading

22 Rifle Sub Club Report Open House 2016

We had an awesome time with the shooters at the open house. Started with 4 positions, then had to go to 5 positions. By ammo count, we had about 280+ shooters, varying in age from around 6 to over 60. … Continue reading

Civil Disobedience at Island 22 in protest of Fisheries

Monday, August 1st there will be an act of civil disobedience at Island 22 in protest of Fisheries (DFO) and the Provincial Ministry of Environment and Recreational Anglers over the closure of Fraser River opening dates. Fred Helmer has contacted both … Continue reading

President’s Report July 2016

Hello from Europe! As many of you know I am in Europe for most of the summer competing in matches every weekend, and sometimes midweek as well. So far in 10 weeks I’ve hit 13 major matches and had some practice sessions … Continue reading

PPC Sub Club Report July 2016

The PPC Sub Club held its monthly training/practice match on the first Sunday of the month with a turnout of 11 shooters. Two of the shooters shot their all-time best scores thanks to a bit of coaching over the last … Continue reading

ATS Sub Club Report July 2016

  June was a successful month, for the CQB shooters. As well as having a Seraphim Armouries 1911 as the primary door prize, it was our largest shoot to date, with 53 shooters competing. The next match is August 6th with the … Continue reading

Caretakers Report July 2016

Building maintenance and monthly cleaning duties Arranged the purchase, payment and delivery of all supplies for the work bee, including prizes and food. Thanks to all who came out and built 1000 target backers in a few hours. All who were there enjoy … Continue reading

22 Rifle Sub Club Report July 2016 

We still are looking for more assistance with the .22 Rifle Club. Pieter’s work situation has changed significantly and he will now be travelling and visiting more, with less assistance at AFGC . We took some time to sight in … Continue reading

Sagittarius Archers July 2016

Our summer so far has been very busy.  Wednesday nights are continually full of new shooters.  With the nice weather we’re able to use all 3 ranges. Last weekend we hosted our first ever July competition.  It was an awesome success.  The … Continue reading

Trap Sub Club Report July 2016

Had 8 shooters out. 50 Singles won by DAve Graham with 45/50 Guns Down: Larry Danielson 14/25 WSO Doubles: Greg Wesselius 40/50 Hi-Aggregate: Greg Wesselius 95/125 Night Practice, June 16 – 5, 8, 10. July 7 – 3, 8. Greg Wesselius has … Continue reading

Open House Volunteer Notice

Hello Team, fellow members, Open House Range Officers, Volunteers and any other VIPs I may have missed, real or imagined. Many of you have send me an e-mail wanting to volunteer, and many of you received an answer and some … Continue reading

Fishing Sub Club Report July 2016

1) Local Rivers: Non-tidal portion of Fraser River closed until further notice for salmonids. Sturgeon fishing is exempt. River is still big and dirty but producing. Chinook opening has been delayed until August 15th. 2) Vedder opens again Friday July 1st. … Continue reading