At Abbotsford Fish & Game Club we promote keen interest in family and outdoor activities with an emphasis on the environment, conservation, sportsmanship, and safety.

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Caretakers Report May 2016

It has been a very busy time this month at the range with rentals and construction projects. We had Pest Detective come in to spray for spiders and there were webs everywhere especially over cameras and outdoor lights. We will call them back … Continue reading

Workbee on Saturday June 25

ATTN: All Members There is a long overdue workbee scheduled for Saturday June 25, starting at 9:00 am. The main purpose of this workbee will be to build new target backers as our supply is running low. If you are … Continue reading

Fishing Sub Club Report May 2016

Local Rivers Non-Tidal Fraser River: has coloured and risen significantly since the last week of April. If boating please be cautious of floating debris on its way to River mouth. Freshet will be very long this year due to substantial … Continue reading

22 Rifle Sub Club Report May 2016 

We are looking for more assistance with the .22 Rifle Club. Pieter was just notified he now has to work Monday evenings for the next few months. Had to cancel last Monday as neither Pieter nor I were available. We … Continue reading

ATS Sub Club Report May 2016

All, please note that ATS will be cancelled, for this month, as I’ll be shooting the BCRA Lower Mainland Service Rifle Championship. The Lower Mainland Championship is two days this year. The 21st will be a practice day and depending on … Continue reading

ATS April 2016

April’s IDF Tavor courses were well attended, with a lot of positive feedback expressed, both on course content, as well as the facility. The instruction on the current IDF “Big Army Way” of training provided a completely different perspective, from … Continue reading

PPC Sub Club report May 2016

Our monthly match was held on the first Sunday of the month with 10 competitors plus the range officer and a referee in preparation for our CPCA registered match to be held the first Sunday of August. The weather was … Continue reading

Trap Report May 2016

Had 7 shooters out. The night practice has started AP 7 – 4 shooters, 5, 4, 6, May 8, 6. Next shoot May 15. Club trophies June 19 -125 rounds. Ron Edward Trap Club


A good size group completed the IPSC TC last weekend. There were 6 shooters in the class using 2 CZ Shadows, 2 SW M&P, 1 Glock and 1 SW 5946, all in 9mm Luger. Yes, the SW is a prohib … Continue reading

President’s Report April 2016

It seems that summer is already here with some very warm, if not hot, days hitting us already. This will likely mean more people out at the club enjoying the ranges which means it’ s a good time to review … Continue reading

22 Rifle Sub Club Report for March 2016 

A great big thanks to Dave and Linda Dunn. Linda washed all of our shooting matts (they were beyond filthy) and Dave made some more prone wood supports. Also, a big thanks to Peter who ran things when I was … Continue reading

Big Game Report April 2016

Spring Bear season is now upon us and with the beautiful weather we have been having to kick off April it is shaping up to be another early spring for the bears! For those of you lucky enough to draw a Spring … Continue reading