To all our new members, welcome!

Let this also be a reminder to get plugged into a Sub Club. This will allow you to get involved with the club and meet new members. If you can try out our entire sub club line up. Each sub club meets weekly. Never know you may discover a new shooting discipline. 

As our ranges become busier please be mindful of a couple things. 

1. Please be respectful to others shooting on the range. Remember to call for cease fires. This allows others not only to check/change targets, but allows others to get set up. When the range is busy this should be done every 20 min or so. Also don’t be a range hog. Use the tables behind you to store your cases and range bags. Not the bench next to you. I witnessed this happening a few times the last time I was at the range. 

2. Please clean up after yourself. Brass, target backers and or any garbage. You bring it, you clean it. 

As always, be safe out there. Enjoy our range. 

Mark Porter